Child Abuse Facts

---Neglect is by far the most common form of child abuse, accounting for more than 60% of all cases.

---Physical abuse accounts for between 15% and 20% of documented child abuse cases each year.

---A third of all girls and a fifth of boys are sexually abused by an adult during childhood.


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Bucks County Children's Advocacy Center

Get Involved!

The Bucks County Children’s Advocacy Center welcomes all inquiries from persons interested in volunteering their time and talent to assist in helping children who have experienced abuse.

At the Bucks County Children’s Advocacy Center, a multidisciplinary team - including law enforcement, prosecution, medical, victim advocates and child protective services professionals - works together under one roof to provide a coordinated response to reports of suspected child sexual and physical abuseThe atmosphere at the Bucks County Children’s Advocacy Center is child focused, sensitive, respectful and safe. 

Everyone has some skill or resource that can benefit the operations and, thus, benefit the innocent child victims of abuse in our community.

BCCAC is currently seeking the following types of volunteer assistance:

Administrative – general office work including typing, data entry, filing and copying.

Childcare Supervision – provides supervision and responsible for making the child and family comfortable before and/or after their interview.  This position requires a commitment of 10 hours/month during weekdays between 9am – 5pm.  This position requires 3 hours training and background checks. 

Fundraising – initiate, plan and/or assist with fundraising activities.

Community Outreach/Publicity – writing, editing, graphic arts, design and layout.

Artwork – assist with creating a child friendly mural and/or locate child friendly artwork in the community.

If you're interested in exploring the possibility of volunteering your services, please contact our Director, Nimisha David, by phone at (267) 927-0639 or via e-mail at